Yes, all donations are tax-deductible in the United States.
Yes, at the end of every year, PEH sends a donation statement (tax receipt) to each sponsor with the amount of his or her donations.
PEH accepts all currencies.
All contributions go directly to fund the child’s education and related needs or towards health care, as specified by the donor.
PEH accepts donations via our donation page with two primary methods. The first is through a downloadable Microsoft Word form on our website, which can be filled out and mailed to PEH with your contribution.
Our mailing address is 3050 Post Oak Blvd. Suite 550 Houston, TX 77056.
Another option is through Google Wallet. Information that is provided to PEH will not be shared with any third party in any manner; your information is safe with us.
Pennies for Education and Health (PEH) was founded in January 2003 during an informal gathering in Houston, TX. Basheer Khumawala and his family visited the earthquake and riot-stricken areas of Gujarat, India.
Their visit to the refugee camps was something that they could not forget. Seeing the helpless cries of the families and children without any hope for the future spurred them to start this sponsorship program.
No, 100% of PEH’s staff is comprised of volunteers. This means that no one in our organization is compensated in any way for their time, services or expertise.
Currently, PEH works with children in the Indian states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, and Punjab. We are looking to further expand our reach into other parts of India as well.
Yes, all children are eligible to receive funds from PEH.
Local nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that are involved with the refugees and the poor identify the children and the families.
Once a child has been selected for sponsorship, it is the job of our local representative on site to conduct an assessment of a child’s educational needs and the resources of the family to determine whether or not the child satisfies our criteria.
Once the assessment is complete, an application for sponsorship, including the child’s details, a picture (if available), and a brief overview of the child’s family background is forwarded to us. It is from here that sponsors and deserving children are matched based on the donor’s wishes.
Yes, everyone is encouraged to sponsor a child in need.


Funds received¬†from the sponsor are used to pay for the child’s school fees, books, and educational needs.
Sponsoring a child is a commitment that makes an incredible difference in a child’s life. If you choose to sponsor a child, the amounts that currently are sufficient for one year are as follows:
Elementary School – $100 for one year or $8.33 per month.
Middle School – $150 for one year or $12.50 per month.
High School – $250 for one year or $20.83 per month.
College Level – $300-$500 for one year or $25-$41.67 per month.
No, there is no limit to the number of children that you may sponsor. You may sponsor as many children at any given time as you wish.
Only one – the donor. Each child has only one sponsor.
If for whatever reason you have to discontinue your sponsorship of a child, we will look for a new sponsor for that child to continue to support him or her. Once a child enters our program, he or she will not be dropped prematurely
You may sponsor a child for as long as you wish, preferably until the child finishes his or her college education. However, we understand that a sponsor’s situation may change and therefore, we and the children are grateful for your contributions over any length of time.
Yes. We encourage you to write to your sponsored child as often as you would like. If necessary, PEH will translate your message and deliver it to the child. Your words of encouragement go a long way in helping a child to grow. The children are also encouraged to write to the sponsors. Please know that a sponsor’s address and personal information will not be divulged to any third party.