Sponsorship Process

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The Selection

The Sponsor

Charitable organizations and trusts, local NGO’s individuals, and families in Gujarat and other states in India that are involved with social services and community empowerment programs identify the deserving children and the families.

Once children have been nominated for sponsorship, volunteers from the various local organizations conduct an assessment of the child’s educational needs and the resources of their family in order to determine whether or not the child meets the eligibility criteria.

Upon the completion of an assessment, an application for sponsorship, including the child’s details, picture if available and a brief family background is forwarded to Saleha Khumawala in Houston, Texas. It is from here that the sponsors and the deserving children are matched based on the donor’s wishes.

Funds received from the sponsor are used to pay for the child’s school fees, books, and other educational needs. Sponsors can make a commitment to support a child for one year or until the child graduates from college and all students are continued in the program regardless of the status of the sponsor.

Over the years, thanks to the efforts of many volunteers, both in the United States and Ahmedabad, the donor sponsorship has been able to grow and develop to the point where it now supports the educational needs of 1071 students from pre-primary school through college.

The goal of PEH is to grow this program by at least 250 children per year and expand the vocational education and skills training program by 100 women per year. The number of children sponsored by PEH has grown from 40 in 2004 to 214 in 2005 to 339 in 2006 to the current total of 1071 in 2012.